Looking Back, Looking Forward

I have been an active  member of the Oregon State Bar for over 50 years.  I graduated law school, at Willamette University, in June of 1961,  passed the Bar Exam and was admitted to the Oregon State Bar in September of 1961.

I have been practicing law on Main Street in Toledo for over 46 years. In 1965, I was working as a Deputy District Attorney in Albany, Oregon, and thinking about changing to a private practice of law. A phone call from Gordon Macpherson, a college and law school classmate, decided my future. Gordon was in partnership with George McClusky, who then was in his eighties.  Gordon felt the business was ready for a third partner.  He called me and the rest is history.

Toledo felt like “home” to me.  I brought my wife, Nancy, and my two pre-school children, Jana and Peter with me. Our first home was attached to the Greenwood Funeral Home, currently part of Michael Gibbons Gallery.  Much has changed since that time, however, the welcome feel that Toledo gave me and my family has never wavered.

The first family we met was Bruce and Ila Parsons. Bruce was the local optometrist and still is.  They had children about the same age as ours.  They have been our friends ever since.

A community-minded banker, Don Knapp and his wife, Sharon, introduced me to the very active Jaycee group who met in the “Caboose.” I became active in the Jaycees, who sponsered the Miss Lincoln County Scholarship Pageant which I was involved with for several years.  The Knapps have remained our friends ever since.

In the early 1970’s George McClusky retired, and Gordon Macpherson decided to move to Newport. I did not want to go to Newport so  moved across the street to my current location and have been there since.

Over the years my law practice has developed into a family law pracatice in the broad sense.  I represent clients involved in divorce,  adoptions, conservatorships,  guardianships, wills and the probate of estates. I also advise and represent clients in the local  businesses community. I have been the attorney for  local municipalities such as the City of Toledo, Port of Toledo, Kernville-Gleneden Beach-Lincoln Beach Water District  and the City of Siletz. I remain the attorney for  Kernville-Gleneden Beach-Lincoln Beach Water District.  In 1996 I took 70 hours of  special training in Mediation and since  have added that skill to the mix of professional services I offer in the areas of divorce, workplace and business.

Toledo has been a good place to practice law and raise a family. It is a good place to call home.  I want to continue to help people as a practicing attorney and eventually turn over my practice to a younger person who is willing to serve the Toledo Community.


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